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Celebrating International Geodiversity Day: What Will You Organize?

Jack Matthews encourages groups around the world to seize the benefits of International Geodiversity Day, and organize an event on October 6th

The importance of geodiversity has long been underappreciated, but that could all be about to change with the first International Geodiversity Day on October 6th. Now fully proclaimed as a formal commemoration of UNESCO, this day offers a new and exciting annual opportunity to engage the public with all the aspects of geodiversity. So how will you be involved?

On October 6th there will be events all around the world: online talks that inspire a new generation of geoscientists; exciting fieldtrips that promote the conservation of geoheritage; museum tours that explore the important resources geodiversity provides; and visits to schools to bring to life students’ local earth history. It’s an opportunity to promote better policy – to seek change from policymakers, and for organisations to communicate the significance of geodiversity. But we need people in communities all around the world, organizing events and promoting geodiversity, so that everyone has an opportunity to engage with this increasingly important topic.

If you’d like to organise something, you can find more information and resources on the official website, We are also encouraging people to share their event information – big or small – on the website, so we can promote the breadth of engagement via our map of events. Please also consider personal and organizational posts on social media using #GeodiversityDay.

For too long, the importance of the non-living elements of nature, from rocks and soils to fossils and landscapes have been overlooked. With your help, we can start to change that.

Jack Matthews,

Geoheritage Officer, Charnwood Forest Geopark

Honorary Associate, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

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